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        You can use the same MSN key employees in our team of online consulting services, you can also send them to E-MAIL.

        Mr.Zhi yang




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        Cargo Tracking

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        Sea Freight

        In performing to our strong presence in China market and huge exporting activities-done by our professional staff and from the day of its inception , ETO’s comprehensive ocean freight program has reached major global markets with emphasis in the traffic connecting numerous destinations worldwide. We offer just what you want such as competitive rate, quite acceptable transit time and scheduled sailing options, with a full range of value- added services. With resulting to these we could faster build up a tight connection with Shipping Line therefore, it's enable us to gain and to obtain stably our customers and partners relationship with sufficient beneficiary compulsively.

        Handling all type of export/import shipments FCL/LCL from/to Origin/Destinations.

        In facts, if your distribution requires, our staff are readily available to serve you possibly and particularly whatever and wherever you needs. Fortunately, your products will move quickly and deliver on time safely. Moreover, any container traffic going overseas can be coordinated and completely managed with our own division excellently.

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